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Congratulations to all of you, who are selected by different Universities for Scholarship. Welcome to all of you in CHINA. This list basically contain all basic Items that a newly admitted student may require for its initial Use. Each and every thing is available in china. In your initial days, you cannot find a proper place to buy or at higher prices. I suggest you to buy all the necessary thing and shortlist this list according to your luggage requirement by Air Company or according to your destination city.


  • Clothes
No. Shopping Items Quantity Suggestions
1 Jeans 3-4 Suggest you to buy some branded.
2 T-Shirt/ Dress Shirt 6-7 Lil bit costly in china, but you can buy for initial use.
3 Dress pent 3-4 If you have fitting issue then better to buy from Pakistan
4 Shalwar Kameez 1-2 You must take these clothes for cultural events.
5 Trouser 1-2
6 Warm cap, Bunyan, Underware, Socks 1-2
7 Warm Clothes 1-2
8 Jersy/Sweater Try to buy some branded like, Oxford etc.
9 Cultural Dress To participate in cultural event, you must have cultural dress to do so. Like, Traditional cap, Shalwar Qameez, Shawal, Ajrak


  • Foot wear
1 Dress Shoes 1 Student come to North or west of china, can buy it from china. Temp (<-10)
2 Athletic Shoes 1 Sports Man must take shoes like Cheeta, nike etc.
3 Sandal Chappal Shoes 1
4 Slipper 1 For indoor use
5 Boot Polish and Brush/ Shoes Spray 1


  • Personal Hygiene & Care Items
1 Towel 1
2 Shaving Box 1
3 Shampoo, Lotion, Cold Cream & Soap 1 For initial use, you can buy it from Pakistan. And then you can buy it from china.
4 Deodorant/ Perfume 1 Suggest you to buy it from Pakistan (Your favorite one)
5 Hair Oil, Mirror & Comb etc. 1 If someone really like to use Mustered oil then must take it from Pakistan.
6 Nail Cutter 1
7 Tooth brush and paste 1 If someone use some medicated paste then buy it from Pakistan.
8 Feminine Hygiene Products 1 It is better to bring Sanitary Pads, Hair removing cream, Wax, etc. for your initial use.


  • Books
1 Quran-e-Majeed & Religious book Different kind of Software available on internet, but if you are interested in Tafseer/ translation.
2 Books Kindly choose book according to luggage weight.
3 Dictionary (English to Chinese) 1 Install application in your android phone for Chinese translation like, Pleco, Hanping, Baidu Translator or you can buy a pocket dictionary.


  • Medicine

These are some general kind of medicines or you can consult any doctor as well.

1 Disprin 20 Tablets
2 Panadol Extra 10 Tablets
3 Voltral 10 Tablets
4 Avil 10 Tablets
5 Buscopan 10 Tablets
6 Cofcol 10 Tablets
7 Brufen 10 Tablets
8 Trisil 10 Tablets
9 Erythrocin 10 Tablets
10 Burnol 1 Tube
11 Eye and ear drops 1
12 Bandage rolls, bandage cotton 1
13 Skin ointments 1
14 Vabramycin 1 Capsules
15 Vicks Vapourb 1  
16 Fever Thermometer 1  
17 Herbal Medicines Johar Joshanda, Ispaghol, Hajmola etc.
18 Flagyl 10 Tablets
19 Laxoberon 10 Tablets


  • Food Stuff
1 Masala Jaat   Baryani, chicken, Haleem, (National or Shaan )
2 Achar, Murabba  
3 Tea   Lipton, supreme tea
4 Daal & Baisan  
5 Herbal Ingredients  
6 Sweet Dishes   Custard, Sheer khorma,  etc.



  • Food preparation utensils

You can buy these stuff from china easily but you can buy simple and basic one for initial use.

1 Tawwa (Must) 1
2 Frying pan (Non-Stick) 1 You can buy it from china but little bit costly from Pakistan.
3 Spoons & Fork 3-4
4 Kitchen Knife 1
5 Kitchen Cutting Board 1
6 Plates 2-3
7 Glass/Cup 1-2


  • Miscellaneous
1 Scissors 1  
2 Safety Pins  
3 Sewing Thread  
4 Needles  
5 Spare Buttons and Hooks  
6 Small tools like penknife, screw driver etc.  
7 Umbrella Must bring it, if you are going to some rainy city.
8 Spare Spectacles and Spectacle Prescription If you use spectacles then you should have spare spectacles
9 Stapler with pins 1  
10 Hanger 12  
11 Padlock 1-2  
12 Pakistan Flag+ National Portraits poster (Quid-e-Azam etc, ) 1 Flag should be large one to display during cultural festival.
13 Computer Software/USB Bootable CD/DVD of window OS
14 Torch
15 Rubber Bands 15-20
16 Sports Goods Take Cricket Bat, Good Quality Insulation tape.
17 Jaae-Nemaz & Tasbeeh 1


  • Hand carry luggage

You are allowed to take only one piece of luggage with you in aircraft. Keep all the important documents on this hand bag only.

1 All Educational Documents
2 University Doc, Visa, Admission form, Passport etc.
3 Your Traveler Checks, Bank DD if any,
4 Address Book, telephone diary
5 Air Sickness Pills
6 Any other Stuff you cannot to lose.



  • Try to buy branded thing of good quality because of little cheap then China.
  • This list consist of basic thing that you may need in china. Final list selection up to you.
  • Girls should buy their cosmetics from Pakistan. Sudden change may be problematic. After that, you can buy it from china.


 Best Regards!

Muhammad Asim Amin


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