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Student Visa Process for China


VISA PROCEDURE FOR Pakistani Students

Other Nationality Holder can also apply through this procedure but location different regarding your country procedure is same

Embassy timing:   9am to 12pm    Very Strict Regarding Time

Follow these Steps to reach Embassy:

  • Reach Rawalpindi (peer wadahi adda) or faizabad….or from peer wadahi to faizabad (only 20 pkr)
  • Then from faizabad ,You should take taxi (250-300 RS) for Diplomatic enclosure to get diplomatic shuttle service(200 RS round trip) to reach at china embassy.
  •  If you get late due to some reason then you should take taxi to reach at diplomatic enclosure. From diplomatic enclosure, Go for shuttle service.
  • Before entering into shuttle ,you should submit your bags ,mobile etc( free of cost) .you can only enter into shuttle with your documents for visa or with money, pen etc.
  • A ticket will be issue for this shuttle. Please keep this ticket because u will come back with same ticket. Keep in mind ,you should take all your documents including pictures etc. If You forget anything in your bag at the terminal ,then u will come back and take another ticket of 200 with wastage of time of 30 mints.
  • When you will enter in china embassy ,firstly you have to fill application form for visa . A Pakistani girl is there, you can ask anything, she is very cooperative.
  • After filling your application form with 2 pix ( paste 1 Picture and also give 1 extra Picture to them)

Required Documents: 

  • Police Certificate (Attest By MOFA)
  • Physical Examination Form (Embassy Recommended Hospital)
  • Visa Application Form
  • Admission Notice
  • Visa Form
  • Passport Copy
  • All Educational Documents (Attested from HEC/IBCC/Intermediate Board of Education, MOFA)
  • Wait in Queue for your turn.
  •  I notice 1 thing  and suggest you people don’t go to Chinese girl ( strict) to submit documents .Please go to Chinese boy. He is very cooperative and polite. Because i saw when she reject 2 boys and then same boys go to Chinese boys to submit ,he accept their documents.

They will give you token and you can get visa after 4 days (free of cost).If you want to get Express visa ,they will issue after 1 or 2 days on your request( with fee of 5000).But i think it is risky because they will check your documents with care.


You can collect your visa by sending your family member with token, which is issued by the Chinese Embassy.


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