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HEC Equivalence Certificate Procedure

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HEC Equivalence Certificate Procedure

Chinese Degree Equivalence from regional office Procedure

 Step 1: Fill up the form on HEC website for Equivalence certificate and print it. Paste photo and sign it.
Step 2: Attach the documents in following order with application.

  • CNIC copy
  • original form,
  • Matric certificate copy
  • Intermediate certificate copy
  • Bachelor degree transcript & marks sheet copies
  • Masters degree and transcript copies
  • Passport copy
  • Exit from Pakistan and first time entry in China stamp copy, after graduation exit from China and entry in Pakistan stamp copy(check your passport. Note : don’t worry if you have visited Pakistan several times during your study they only concern first and last  time exit & entry  )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Note: if you want PHD degree equivalence, you have to add PHD documents too)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Step 3: Bring original documents and passport
    Step 4: Officer will verify and attest your docs and gives you the address where you have to send your attested documents
    Along with 5000 dd.
    Step 5:  DD you can make from bank in name of HEC Islamabad.

Online HEC Reservation Website link:


Family Visa Procedure for International students

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Family Visa Procedure for International students Studying in China

A quick advice for students who want to apply for family Visas. Family included all close family members Father, mother, brother, sister, Spouse, Kids etc.

You need to get the Invitation letter from your respective International students’ office by showing them the details of your family members who want to travel.


If your family is coming to stay with you, please note that you have to arrange the stay and residence for them so ask your School of International education first for assistance. They will guide you about the procedure of arrangement of residence (some Univ. provide family apartment facility and some do not) as you may have to hire a rented apartment for family and it’s a big expense as normally yearly/half-yearly payments to be made in advance so you should plan accordingly. CSC holders would get an additional 1000 RMB besides the CSC usual scholarship if they want to hire an apartment outside.

It is therefore advised to first secure admission for yourself, join the University get used to environment and then proceed accordingly.


Types of Visas

S1 Visa- Convertible to Family residence permit

S2 Visa-Not convertible to Residence permit

So please carefully apply for the correct visa type, In case of spouse and babies who want to live on residence permit please choose S1 type only and insist on issuance of S1.


Documents Needed


You need following documents.

  1. Invitation letter by your University mentioning your student details and also your spouse name and passport.
  2. Your own Passport/Residence permit copies
  3. Your computerised marriage certificate attested by Mofa./Kinship Certificate mentioning the details of relatives coming to you
  4. Police clearance certificate attested by Mofa.
  5. Medical certificate from embassy designated hospitals.(mofa attestation not reqd.)
  6. In case of children, child birth certificate attested by Mofa. MoFA means Ministry of Foreign affairs.
  7. The Marriage certificate, Child birth certificate or Kinship certificate is also needed to be attested by Chinese embassy in your respective country.(They may need a Chinese translated version also for their records)
  8. Duly filled visa form with photos on it, downloadable at <<< visa-form >>>


The rest is all formal embassy procedure, you visit the embassy with all original documents with photocopies and completed visa form. They check the documents and stamp the visa in 3 to 4 days.


Post-arrival Steps


Once your relatives arrive in China, please note you have to report to local police station for local registration. Next step is issuance of Residence permit for the relatives who are on S1 visa which is to be completed in 30 days of arrival. The international office will again help you in preparation of all required documents and applying for residence permit at local PSB.


Good Luck.


How to Apply for Scholarship

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General Procedure to apply

Chinese government scholarships (CGS) are awarded by Chinese Scholarship council (CSC) to international students in Chinese universities affiliated with CSC. CSC online application system or admission process  is started from December to April every year (generally). But Last date to apply in different University is different. Results are announced till end of July according to (CSC) policy. Successful students join universities from start of September.
These scholarships are awarded to students through agencies like,

  • University
  • Chinese embassy in other countries, which have diplomatic relations with China.

Students can prepare their application material and submit to university directly. As per embassy application is concerned, embassy generally receive applications in other countries via Higher Education Institute.  Scholarship via embassy is also called “Bilateral Program”.
CGS application procedure is very simple and students can prepare their application easily Student don’t need to consult and pay money to any agent/consultant. If someone claims so, he is fake and doing illegal activity.

All New Students just follow this Procedure to get Scholarship. Master and PhD students almost in Every filed can apply for Scholarship i.e. Engineering, Medical.

Click here for Downloads:  DOWNLOAD BOX

General Procedure for Applying CSC scholarship.
Step 1. Find some good university affiliated with CSC.
open this link:
(After selection of University try to get acceptance letter from Professor).How to Contact with Professor this File help you)

Sample of Email to Professor..(send CV and if you have any research proposal)
When professor agree to supervise you then send this one to professor


Step 2. Online apply on website. You need University agency number. This file helps you to get Agency Number

Step 3. Submit your application and Take print of online application
Video Tutorial for Online Application

Step 4. Prepare all Academic documents ((Attested by some university teacher if possible otherwise notary attestation just go to your distt court and find there are allot of peoples who attest your documents as a notary attestation)), English Proficiency Certificate instead of IELTS or TOFEL, Passport size photo and your Passport, Medical examination. (According to format given on CSC website,) Two Recommendation Letters (by Associate Professors) where you get your last degree …..look this link

Special Notice about Medical Examination form for Just Pakistani students
Research Plan,
Research Proposal

Step 5, Find University International Students Office address and send documents to university through some good courier service e.g., DHL (using their student package) etc.

Step 6.Send 2 sets of all documents along with signed printed online application form to university

Note:- CSC Scholarship Deadline Depend on University if you are applying directly to University So which University you want to apply Please open the Website of university and Check

Some additional documents you can find from here. Visit full file section
Answers to some General question by great admin and sign of kind #Ali Zohaib

This is for selected Students
Visa Procedure for Selected Student
after getting scholarship attestation (only for Pakistan Students Attestation from HEC and MOFA)

Document required for visa process
Process to apply for travel grant
Medical Information
Polio Certificate

Engr Fahad



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Congratulations to all of you, who are selected by different Universities for Scholarship. Welcome to all of you in CHINA. This list basically contain all basic Items that a newly admitted student may require for its initial Use. Each and every thing is available in china. In your initial days, you cannot find a proper place to buy or at higher prices. I suggest you to buy all the necessary thing and shortlist this list according to your luggage requirement by Air Company or according to your destination city.


  • Clothes
No. Shopping Items Quantity Suggestions
1 Jeans 3-4 Suggest you to buy some branded.
2 T-Shirt/ Dress Shirt 6-7 Lil bit costly in china, but you can buy for initial use.
3 Dress pent 3-4 If you have fitting issue then better to buy from Pakistan
4 Shalwar Kameez 1-2 You must take these clothes for cultural events.
5 Trouser 1-2
6 Warm cap, Bunyan, Underware, Socks 1-2
7 Warm Clothes 1-2
8 Jersy/Sweater Try to buy some branded like, Oxford etc.
9 Cultural Dress To participate in cultural event, you must have cultural dress to do so. Like, Traditional cap, Shalwar Qameez, Shawal, Ajrak


  • Foot wear
1 Dress Shoes 1 Student come to North or west of china, can buy it from china. Temp (<-10)
2 Athletic Shoes 1 Sports Man must take shoes like Cheeta, nike etc.
3 Sandal Chappal Shoes 1
4 Slipper 1 For indoor use
5 Boot Polish and Brush/ Shoes Spray 1


  • Personal Hygiene & Care Items
1 Towel 1
2 Shaving Box 1
3 Shampoo, Lotion, Cold Cream & Soap 1 For initial use, you can buy it from Pakistan. And then you can buy it from china.
4 Deodorant/ Perfume 1 Suggest you to buy it from Pakistan (Your favorite one)
5 Hair Oil, Mirror & Comb etc. 1 If someone really like to use Mustered oil then must take it from Pakistan.
6 Nail Cutter 1
7 Tooth brush and paste 1 If someone use some medicated paste then buy it from Pakistan.
8 Feminine Hygiene Products 1 It is better to bring Sanitary Pads, Hair removing cream, Wax, etc. for your initial use.


  • Books
1 Quran-e-Majeed & Religious book Different kind of Software available on internet, but if you are interested in Tafseer/ translation.
2 Books Kindly choose book according to luggage weight.
3 Dictionary (English to Chinese) 1 Install application in your android phone for Chinese translation like, Pleco, Hanping, Baidu Translator or you can buy a pocket dictionary.


  • Medicine

These are some general kind of medicines or you can consult any doctor as well.

1 Disprin 20 Tablets
2 Panadol Extra 10 Tablets
3 Voltral 10 Tablets
4 Avil 10 Tablets
5 Buscopan 10 Tablets
6 Cofcol 10 Tablets
7 Brufen 10 Tablets
8 Trisil 10 Tablets
9 Erythrocin 10 Tablets
10 Burnol 1 Tube
11 Eye and ear drops 1
12 Bandage rolls, bandage cotton 1
13 Skin ointments 1
14 Vabramycin 1 Capsules
15 Vicks Vapourb 1  
16 Fever Thermometer 1  
17 Herbal Medicines Johar Joshanda, Ispaghol, Hajmola etc.
18 Flagyl 10 Tablets
19 Laxoberon 10 Tablets


  • Food Stuff
1 Masala Jaat   Baryani, chicken, Haleem, (National or Shaan )
2 Achar, Murabba  
3 Tea   Lipton, supreme tea
4 Daal & Baisan  
5 Herbal Ingredients  
6 Sweet Dishes   Custard, Sheer khorma,  etc.



  • Food preparation utensils

You can buy these stuff from china easily but you can buy simple and basic one for initial use.

1 Tawwa (Must) 1
2 Frying pan (Non-Stick) 1 You can buy it from china but little bit costly from Pakistan.
3 Spoons & Fork 3-4
4 Kitchen Knife 1
5 Kitchen Cutting Board 1
6 Plates 2-3
7 Glass/Cup 1-2


  • Miscellaneous
1 Scissors 1  
2 Safety Pins  
3 Sewing Thread  
4 Needles  
5 Spare Buttons and Hooks  
6 Small tools like penknife, screw driver etc.  
7 Umbrella Must bring it, if you are going to some rainy city.
8 Spare Spectacles and Spectacle Prescription If you use spectacles then you should have spare spectacles
9 Stapler with pins 1  
10 Hanger 12  
11 Padlock 1-2  
12 Pakistan Flag+ National Portraits poster (Quid-e-Azam etc, ) 1 Flag should be large one to display during cultural festival.
13 Computer Software/USB Bootable CD/DVD of window OS
14 Torch
15 Rubber Bands 15-20
16 Sports Goods Take Cricket Bat, Good Quality Insulation tape.
17 Jaae-Nemaz & Tasbeeh 1


  • Hand carry luggage

You are allowed to take only one piece of luggage with you in aircraft. Keep all the important documents on this hand bag only.

1 All Educational Documents
2 University Doc, Visa, Admission form, Passport etc.
3 Your Traveler Checks, Bank DD if any,
4 Address Book, telephone diary
5 Air Sickness Pills
6 Any other Stuff you cannot to lose.



  • Try to buy branded thing of good quality because of little cheap then China.
  • This list consist of basic thing that you may need in china. Final list selection up to you.
  • Girls should buy their cosmetics from Pakistan. Sudden change may be problematic. After that, you can buy it from china.


 Best Regards!

Muhammad Asim Amin

Police Character certificate

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Police Character Certificate 

Step 1-    DPO office (Security Branch)

Step 2-   Demands for Police Character Certificate Application Form

Step 3-  Fill the Form

Step 4-  Attach CNIC Copy, Passport Copy, Photos

Step 5-  Allotment of number done by Security Branch

Step 6-  Go back to your nearest Police Station, Sign it by,

  • City Nazim/Numberdaar
  • SHO
  • DSP

Step 7-  Submit the form to DPO office and 2 photos

Step 8-  Physical Interview by the DPO.


Note:   When you visit DPO office for interview, you must have your original Passport and CNIC. 


Polio Certificate

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Just go to DHQ hospital, ask for polio certificate. They will give you a form and send you to the vaccinator and take polio drops get back to
the MS office, give them your original passport and CNIC including photocopy along with the form they already have given to you. They
will just simply issue you the certificate with in 10 mints.

Travel grant process for PHD Student

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Steps to follow for Travel Grant: 

  • Make a quotation of air travel from a travel agent dated at least 42 days before arrival.
  • Go to kachehri of your district and purchase a 100 Rs stamp paper(for surety bond). Print the specimen on it downloaded from HEC website
  • Make it stamped from oath commissioner and first class magistrate.
  • Fill in the form downloaded from HEC website.
  • One photocopy of MS/M.Phil preferably attested by HEC. (If you can’t go to HEC again then attach a simple double sided photocopy of it.
  • A copy of passport and CNIC
  • Photocopies of CNIC of 2 witnesses and 2 guarantees.
  • Attach a copy of your award letter/admission letter too.


Download form:…/SC…/Documents/Application%20Form.pdf

Note: Follow these steps but remember you have to pay your tickets fare , when process will complete. Most probably after joining your host university.


For more details HEC Official Web link:

Document Attestation Process

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For Scholarship process, Document Attestation is very important, when you are going to apply in another country. I suggest you all guys, if you are really confident about your scholarship or you might think that you will do some kind job in another country. Then go for it.

Here are few steps you have to follow for document Attestation,

Intermediate Board Attestation: 

Go to your Intermediate board with Matric and FSC/FA certificate and attest your document (ORIGINAL).

Note: Every Board has its own rules and regulation, so follow them.

IBCC Attestation: 


Monday to Thursday: 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM

Friday: 8:15 AM to 11:00 AM

Saturday: 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM

Visiting Hour:

Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Friday: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Saturday: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

 Fee of attestation:

Fee of Rs.200/- will be charged for attestation of each original certificate /document.

Fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for attestation of each copy of original certificate/document

Address of offices:

               Islamabad Head Office

                        Assistant Secretary(Attestation & Academics),

                        Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,  At Federal Board of Intermediate and

                        Secondary Education Building,

                        H-8/4, Islamabad

                        Phone; (051) 9235019

                        Fax;     (051) 9250451

                                    (051) 9250454

   Karachi Regional Office

Assistant Secretary (Equivalence & Attestation),

                        Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,At Board of Intermediate Education Building,

            Bakhtiari Youth Centre,

            North Nazimabad,


                          Phone;   (021) 36639878

                                 Fax;       (021) 36639878                                 

Lahore Regional Office        

                        Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),

                        Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,  At Board of Intermediate and

                        Secondary Education Building,

                        86-Mozang Road, Lahore

                        Phone; (042) 99203893

                        Fax;     (042) 99203893

                       Peshawar Regional Office

                        Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),

                        Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,At Board of Intermediate and

                        Secondary Education Building,

                        Jamrud Road, Peshawer

                        Phone;  (091) 9216454

                        Fax;      (091) 9216454

                        Quetta Regional Office

                        Mr. Sher Jan,

                        Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),

                        Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,At Board of Intermediate and

            Secondary Education, Quetta

                        Phone;  (081) 826716

                        Fax;     (081) 826710

Attestation from HEC address

HEC Address:- Head Office, Islamabad
Sector H-9, East Service Road

For Lahore :- 55-B/2, Gulberg III, Lahore
Phone: (042) 99263092, 99263096

For Karachi:-    Behind PTV Station Stadium Road, Karachi
Phone: (021) 99231476-77

For Peshawar:-     Phase-V, Near KPK Textbook Board Hayatabad, Peshawar
Phone: (091) 5810408, 9217643

For QUETTA:- HEC, Regional Centre, House No. 61 -A, Chaman Housing Scheme , Airport
Road, Quetta
Phone: (081) 9201791

For more details on Official Web: stationServices/Pages/welcome.aspx

Attestation from MOFA address

Attest your all documents from MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) including educational documents, Police Certificates.


For Islamabad:-   Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Constitution Avenue , Islamabad.

051 -9207895,051 -9056524

               For Karachi:-  Camp Office Karachi, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Adjacent to FTC building Karachi
021 -9204989,021 -9206690

For Lahore:-          House No: 82-Shadman-II, Lahore

042-99268247 ,042-99268249

For Peshawar:-    Camp Office Peshawar , No. 66-C-1, University Road , University Town
Peshawar 091 -9218126

For Camp Office Quetta:- ,  Room 28, 2nd Floor, Block 07, Civil Secretariat Balochistan,
Quetta 081 -9203155

For more info open Official Web

Note:  Attest Original Documents

Special Notice for Medical

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    Special Notice on Medical Examination Record 

Special Notice on Medical Examination Record 2015/01/30
From 1st February 2015, applicants who apply for Chinese visa of certain categories (XI, SI, Z, Ql, Jl) must provide complete Medical/Physical Examination Record from designated hospitals, all the information of designated hospitals are given below. Medical/Physical Examination Record from designated hospitals is not required to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

KRL Hospital Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat Road, G-9/1
Islamabad Tel# 051-9106278
Fax# 051-9106285

Chinese Acupuncture Centre

No 3, 4 First Floor Near Bank of Punjab Rajan Plaza, F-10 Markaz Islamabad

Tel# 051-2291764,210-3449

G.C.C.Diagnostic Centre 522-A, Margalla Road, (Service Road, North), F-10/2,

Islamabad Office: 2298512, 2214333, 2214666, 2298513,


Note:    Official Embassy web 

Student Visa Process for China

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VISA PROCEDURE FOR Pakistani Students

Other Nationality Holder can also apply through this procedure but location different regarding your country procedure is same

Embassy timing:   9am to 12pm    Very Strict Regarding Time

Follow these Steps to reach Embassy:

  • Reach Rawalpindi (peer wadahi adda) or faizabad….or from peer wadahi to faizabad (only 20 pkr)
  • Then from faizabad ,You should take taxi (250-300 RS) for Diplomatic enclosure to get diplomatic shuttle service(200 RS round trip) to reach at china embassy.
  •  If you get late due to some reason then you should take taxi to reach at diplomatic enclosure. From diplomatic enclosure, Go for shuttle service.
  • Before entering into shuttle ,you should submit your bags ,mobile etc( free of cost) .you can only enter into shuttle with your documents for visa or with money, pen etc.
  • A ticket will be issue for this shuttle. Please keep this ticket because u will come back with same ticket. Keep in mind ,you should take all your documents including pictures etc. If You forget anything in your bag at the terminal ,then u will come back and take another ticket of 200 with wastage of time of 30 mints.
  • When you will enter in china embassy ,firstly you have to fill application form for visa . A Pakistani girl is there, you can ask anything, she is very cooperative.
  • After filling your application form with 2 pix ( paste 1 Picture and also give 1 extra Picture to them)

Required Documents: 

  • Police Certificate (Attest By MOFA)
  • Physical Examination Form (Embassy Recommended Hospital)
  • Visa Application Form
  • Admission Notice
  • Visa Form
  • Passport Copy
  • All Educational Documents (Attested from HEC/IBCC/Intermediate Board of Education, MOFA)
  • Wait in Queue for your turn.
  •  I notice 1 thing  and suggest you people don’t go to Chinese girl ( strict) to submit documents .Please go to Chinese boy. He is very cooperative and polite. Because i saw when she reject 2 boys and then same boys go to Chinese boys to submit ,he accept their documents.

They will give you token and you can get visa after 4 days (free of cost).If you want to get Express visa ,they will issue after 1 or 2 days on your request( with fee of 5000).But i think it is risky because they will check your documents with care.


You can collect your visa by sending your family member with token, which is issued by the Chinese Embassy.